What Products & Services do you offer?

What does Forever offer?

Forever offers various options for saving, organizing, and sharing photos. Our signature product is our online photo storage. Once you pay for it, it is yours. There is no subscription fee and your account is private unless you decide to share it with Family & Friends or make it Public. Check out the digitization services where you may convert old media, such as reel-to-reels, slides, VHS tapes, and negatives. Looking for a place for your pixels? The photo management software system Historian is great for gathering photos from all your devices. There are 3 ways to complete your digital book with Forever from the simplicity of auto books and Create and Print to make photobooks and other photo gifts and projects to Artisan, the digital scrapbooking program that allows for more functionality.

Create a no-cost account today through my Ambassador Link and when you do, you will receive 2GB of free online storage and a $20 coupon that may be used to buy more storage or on any of the other products and services available at my website.

What does Creative Memories offer?

Creative Memories promises scrapbook & photo album products you can trust! They do take great pride in designing and manufacturing world-class albums, album pages, and more. For years they have promised to offer unique, easy-to-use, high quality, and long-lasting products. The photo and scrapbooking industries are not regulated, therefore many companies make claims about their albums, papers, pens, adhesives, and other supplies that can’t be substantiated.

Creative Memories always stands behind quality and tests accordingly. Wherever you see the Photo-Safe logo on their products, it means that those products were designed and manufactured to be photo safe and permanent. This is especially comforting to know so that your photos and memorabilia do not degrade over time.

What services does Everything Photos with Joanne offer?

Whether you are wanting to preserve photos and memories of your family, a recent trip or vacation, I can help you get started. Are you grieving the loss of a loved one and would like to complete a Celebration of Life album? Struggling with an estranged relationship or a difficult situation, contact me today to get your photo project started!

I offer:

  • Individual and family photo management planning in person, by phone or ZOOM
  • Group presentations and demonstrations
  • Monthly workshops, semi-annual quarterly events, weekend, week-long, and 10-night retreats
  • Private parties and classes

Events, Workshops & Retreats

What do event fees include?

Monthly workshop fees provide you with your own table and space and time to complete your projects. The fees are used to cover rent and expenses and you’ll receive entry into grand prizes. Donations made to the Food Pantry will earn you additional door prize tickets too!  There is a small kitchen with access to the refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and ice machine. You are on your own for meals and may bring food in or order out.

Semi-Annual Quarterly Events (NSD, Christmas in July, Croptoberfest and Holiday Open House) fees include the same as the monthly workshops PLUS include a gift for attending!

Weekend and the large retreats event fees are higher to cover your cost for your hotel room and meals. Refer to the registration forms for the specific event to see what the getaway includes.

How much space will I get?

Each guest will get their OWN standard size 6 ft table (6 by 2.5 ft) and chair. You will NEVER have to share a table at one of our events!

What do I need to bring?

BRING YOUR PICTURES!  If you are creating a digital scrapbook, bring your laptop and drive where your photos are stored.

If you are bringing a laptop, Cricut, or other device requiring electricity, let me know in advance so I can do my best to put you close to a power outlet. However, I always suggest bringing a power cord and power strip in the event you are not directly near an outlet.

If you already have own scrapbooking supplies, BRING THEM. If you don’t, NO WORRIES! You will find my events have everything ON HAND for shoppers while you are there.  Some think they will save money by shopping elsewhere first. Often, they discover they paid MORE for things they don’t like as well as our products. Creative Memories products are TOP OF THE LINE and competitively priced. At our events, we offer higher value products for less cost.

On a budget? Let me know in advance. Sometimes I have tools you can borrow while you are building your supplies. Other scrapbookers at these events are often willing to share their tools as well. 

Will we have assigned seating?

I don’t necessarily assign a seat but rather an area that makes everyone feel the most comfortable. I like to try to arrange areas where people will be seated with others they have something in common with. Our attendees are friendly and welcoming and continue to build relationships with new and seasoned attendees.

What do we do for meals?

Some people bring their own meals.  The kitchen at the facility has a full-size fridge and microwaves.  We have access to the ice machine. We provide coffee and often there is a snack of some sort that we share. 

Prior to meal time, many brainstorm on where to eat (for those who don’t bring a bag lunch) and browse the menu online. Often someone will collect orders and money and dash out and grab it or have it delivered.  There is a variety of local eateries nearby.

What else should I expect?

Workshops are well attended and our retreats are referred to as a hidden gem on the east coast.

Demonstrations and page layout ideas.

Door prizes and grand prizes. Gift for attending larger events.

You can definitely expect to make friends and to leave full of motivation! 

How often do you offer workshops, classes, and retreats?

I have several large retreats each year: two in the fall and one in the winter. These events can also be up to 10 Nights at our Virginia Beach Oceanfront Retreats.

LIVE events are typically held either in Virginia Beach, VA, Surry County, Virginia. Look for future events to be held in Nags Head, NC and Williamsburg, VA. 

I also offer a live, 2-day (not overnight) workshop each month on Friday and Saturday. 

Private parties and classes are available for you and your friends at your home or other places like Panera, Starbucks, or the break room at your work. Contact me to book your private scrapbooking class!

Products & Purchases

What should I buy to get started?

Now that depends on where you are in the process and what it is you would like to accomplish. Let me help you brainstorm the items that are just right for your project. Appointments are available by phone or ZOOM.

How do I make sure that you get credit for my Creative Memories order?

Use this link when you go to shop Creative Memories and you should be good to go: https://www.creativememories.com/cm/Joannehall

However, if you get to Checkout and you are prompted to search for an advisor, enter my information as follows:

First Name: Joanne
Last Name: Hall


How do I make sure that you get credit for my Forever order?

If you have not yet created an account, use this link when you go to shop Forever and you should receive a $20 coupon and 2 gb FREE storage and will be good to go:  https://www.forever.com/ambassador/joannehall

However, if you get to Checkout and you are prompted to search for an Ambassador, enter my information as follows:

First Name: Joanne
Last Name: Hall
State: Virginia



I need to complete a project fast! Do you have any tips?

YES.  Of course, it depends on what type of project you want to do, but photo preservation does not need to be time-consuming.  Projects can be completed in less than two hours, and no one would know how little time it took to complete them! Contact me to set an appointment to assess your need.

For album projects, one of my favorite products for people that want the scrapbooking look but don’t have the time or creativity is our FAST2FAB™ album line. There are a variety of themes in this line of albums that basically look like they have ALREADY BEEN SCRAPBOOKED. This style has been digitally created using all the same supplies a traditional scrapbooker may use. All you need to do is add pictures and maybe some journaling and it is DONE. Super-fast and so economical.

Additionally, Creative Memories offers a safe slide-in style album (see these under “Pocket Albums”). These books hold up to 300 pictures with vertical and horizontal options on each page. The variety mat packs are available in different themes for journaling and can be slid in to use for decoration.  

For some, choosing a digital option is fast but that depends on your level of computer skills. Forever offers 3 ways to digitally scrapbook (2 free and 1 has a free trial version). The digital books and pages are very durable.

I have NO IDEA of where to start a particular album project. Do you have any tips?

Sure! Most people think this is hard – nothing could be further from the truth! I have a “Finished in Four” series which will allow you to tackle a specific album project in 4 easy steps! Reach out to me today to start your album project and check out more details in my Finished in Four Album Making group on Facebook

I know that journaling is important, but I never know what to write. Can you help?

I am passionate about journaling and the power of words. Things to think about when you begin to journal:

Does EVERY picture need a caption? That MAY or may not be necessary. If the picture tells the caption, you don’t need to repeat it.

Journaling should capture “all the feels”, the smell, the taste, the emotion, the things that happened that the camera did NOT capture! The details that are not so obvious when you look at the photo that you may otherwise forget if not journaled.

Becoming an Ambassador with Forever

What if I want to start a business with Forever? How much does it cost to get started?

To get started with Forever, your Annual Ambassador fee is $165/yr and supports ongoing maintenance and updates to your back office tools and reports, sales and product trainings, marketing materials and lots more!

Becoming an Advisor with Creative Memories

What if I want to start a business with Creative Memories? How much does it cost to get started?

Join as a Creative Memories Advisor for only $49 a year and get an instant $50 account credit to use toward the purchase of any Creative Memories Product and start earning right away. You can earn as little or as much as you want. 

If you think you’d like a business, I’d be happy to speak with you to see if this may be a good fit. Contact me!

What kind of people make great Advisors and Ambassador?

Becoming an Advisor with Creative Memories or an Ambassador with Forever will give you an incredible opportunity for personal growth and building a business all while making lifelong friends. On my Life Preservers team, we are all about dreaming together, growing together, and learning together and we welcome you to join us!

What if I sign up and find that I am not successful?

There will be NO PENALTIES imposed should you decide a business is not for you. Simply notify ME and the home office and neither will pressure you to stay onboard.  Since we do not have monthly, quarterly, or even yearly minimum requirements, you have nothing to lose by trying a business.

Need a Photo Coach?

If you don’t currently have a Creative Memories Advisor or a Forever Ambassador, I would love to help you get started with supplies and introduce you to our fun community!
I’ll send you a pack of FREE page embellishments (theme changes quarterly) as a “thank you” and you may look forward to receiving periodic newsletters with tips & tricks (you may unsubscribe at any time)
*Limit 1 embellishment pack per person*